Tuscan Blue Rosemary Live Plants, 6" pot, Cooking Spice

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Tuscan Blue Rosemary is a selected form of rosemary which grows into a broad, upright bush. The branches reach to the ground, and for large parts of the year the upper stems are covered with beautiful small flowers of a misty blue color. The foliage is needle-like and very aromatic when crushed. It is used in the kitchen for its distinctive aroma. It grows in hot, dry places, including coastal areas, and it is resistant to salt spray. Grow it naturally among rocks or gravel, or it can be clipped into hedges and trimmed shapes. Specifications: Height: 3 and 6 feet tall, and up to 4 feet wide Sunlight: Full Sun Soil Requirements: Well Drained USDA Hardiness: 8, in colder zones it can be grown in a pot and brought into a cool, sunny place for the winter months. Advantages: ● Leaves can be used as a flavorful spice in cooking. ● Great for use in containers, kitchen gardens, mass plantings, rock gardens and just about anywhere in an outdoor landscape. This plant is hardy from zone 8, and